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Fictional Online Reviews

Majority of online reviews about our company and services are fictional. They are fabricated with intentions unknown to us, but clearly affect our brand in a number of negative ways. That is why we have decided to create this page and explain our approach to the fictional online reviews. We have been following these reviews for some time and we have been trying to get information regarding identities of their authors.

In only a few rare cases, out of hundreds of fictional online reviews, we have managed to confirm these were genuine complaints from our customers.

In most cases owners of web sites, where these fictional reviews were published, did not want to remove the reviews even after authors were shown not to be our customers or in fact real persons. We were asked to pay for advertising and other costs in order to get the reviews removed, which we considered extortion and did not pay. Instead, we have initiated legal actions against such web sites. However, these actions take time and there are many review sites allowing comments and reviews without proper screening, making them ideal for those who hide behind internet anonymity.

We kindly suggest you to examine our services in detail, deposit a small amount into your account, and see for yourself if there is any problem or issue with our service. If you do find any problem, please contact our support and we will help you in any way possible.

We look forward to building trust with our customers and offering the best service possible.

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