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The introductory articles and various other items on these pages are intended to help you understand trading basics. They are not intended to be definitive and they are not necessarily compatible with your trading techniques, methods and goals. You should make an independent judgment as to whether techniques or methods described on these pages are appropriate for you in light of your financial condition, investment experience, risk tolerance, and other relevant factors.

Introduction to Markets

Financial market is a mechanism that allows people to easily buy and sell (trade) market instruments. Electronic computers, communications and the Internet bring continuous improvements to the mechanism of financial markets. Some financial markets operate on a 24-hour basis, spanning from one zone to another in all the major financial centers. Please click on the links below to read more about the exciting world of trading.

Trading Techniques

Experienced traders will often say "trend is your friend" or "do not overtrade". What does it mean? The links below will lead you to pages where you can read more about basic trading guidelines, general information about the technical and fundamental analysis, and some simple ideas about risk management. These are just basics - you will need to read much more related literature to become a successful trader.

Specifics and Facts

If you want to trade you simply have to know what volatility is, how interest rate changes occur and what do they influence. While you chat with traders they will often use slang to express their thoughts in a shorter form: "market is really thin today...". Please click on the links below to read more about the trading specifics and the language used in the trading world.

Frequently Asked Questions

AGEA has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our service and its features. The FAQ addresses the questions our clients most commonly ask and includes links to other FAQ documents on web site. If there are additional questions you feel we should address, please notify us and we will list your questions, to assist you and other clients.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or interest in types of resources not listed here, please use the link at the bottom of this page to contact our support team. We look forward to providing you additional information and discussing new content that will be useful to our customers.

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